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The new 3S W-Series Locker

3S is receiving a lot of success in the market recently. Carrying the slogan superior, smart and safe locker and lock system, 3S targets industry wide consumers. 3S lockers are already seen in hospitals, schools, offices, theme parks, recreation venues and even households. It is very evident and you will agree that in Singapore alone, about 90% of hospitals are using 3S lockers.


3S Locker used in the changing room

3S welcomed 2013 with an introduction of its new locker series, the W-series lockers. The new series highlight features that obviously overmatched its predecessor. This range of locker underscores capacity and security mechanism among the improvements. The width is now increased to 382mm allowing bigger capacity to store bulkier and more items. The base is also raised to the level that you will no longer need an additional plinth to increase the height. The hinges were also doubled, offering a more secure and stable locker system. Most of all, this new range of locker brag its being 100% plastic made material. This they assure that 3S ABS lockers can truly withstand wet environment, an ingenious innovation of the non-corrosive factor to which the brand was known.

3S ABS w-series is now rolling in the market and were already receiving positive feedbacks. There are competitors in the market; however the qualities of 3S lockers cannot be simply factored out in choosing the right locker. Lockers are supposed to function for long term use and maintain the quality as it age, just like 3S lockers.