Smart Choice for a Smart Digital Lock

When it comes to furniture locks the opportunity in choosing a reliable locking system should not be taken for granted. There are variety of furniture locks available in the market today but only a few of these providers we can say are reliable. For us to say that furniture locks are reliable, we often look on their distribution market, brand reputation and product support. That is how we find Be-tech.

digital_locks_1Be-tech brings more than a decade of industry expertise in providing electronic security systems and professional solutions. It is the only manufacturer in China that has garnered two international top-level electronic lock certifications recognized by U.S Defense Department and in Europe.

Let’s get to the details of Be-tech digital lock. This lock is available in three (3) level management. One is the master owner, second is the user pin/code provider and the last is the end user. This lock highlights the following features.


  • Keypad background light
  • Fault tolerant input
  • Hidden handle design
  • External power backup
  • Low power consumption
  • Notification LED signal
  • Incorrect code alarm
  • Illegaly key alarm
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Low-voltage alarm

It is clearly obvious that this lock is packed with amazing features not seen from other furniture locks in the market particularly in the range of digital locks. Most of the schools, offices as well as hospitals prefer Be-tech’s digital locks for their cabinets and lockers because of its design function and range of features available.

It is truly a smart choice when you go for the smartest option available. It is Be-tech’s digital lock and it is our choice too.

Locker & Lock Sdn Bhd carries Be-tech’s digital locks in Malaysia. For enquiries on this product, call us at  60-3-8060 3219 or email

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