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How to maximize the space of your school locker.

If you’ll be using a locker for the first time, the storage space may seem very small for you. Here are some simple tips to do to make the most of your locker space.

  1. Roomy and tidy.

Small items like pencils, pens glues can eat up space if you just let them scattered. Make use of your door or side walls to mount self-adhesive pockets or pouches to store these small items. Buy yourself an organizer or container box to place your handy and other small items.

  1. Organize books properly.

organizing books inside the lockerDo not stack up your books. Instead, put them in upright position and place them side by side. When you do that, group the books with the same height to make a level surface on top. This can still give you adequate amount of space to put something on top of them.


  1. Hook’em up. adhesive hook for lockers

Hook or hang your bags, hats or purses. This may seem like eating more space but it is not. Some lockers doesn’t come with this hook or hanger accessories, but you can find self-adhesive hooks and hangers in many stores.

  1. Use a shelf

A lot of space are not being used on top. If possible, get yourself a shelf to double up your space.

  1. Draw them out

Lastly, bring home the items that you will no longer need in school and throw away litters that can pile up and eat space.