Locker Rental

locker rental

If you want to provide safety and security, look no other but Locker & Lock. We provide the perfect storage solution as long as you need them.


We provide rental of our lockers to schools, hospitals, and short events like trade shows, concerts, sports events, festivals and big occassions. Commercial lockers are also available which we offer under our locker placement services.


Locker Placement

We can help you improve your revenue output with our locker placement. In this program, we provide the installation and maintenance of the lockers at zero "0" cost to you for a share on the income generated by the lockers.

What type of lockers are available?

We have two types of commercial lockers available. You may choose coin locker or electronic lockers, or you can choose both depending on your needs.

What are the benefits of locker placement?
* Excellent source of revenue
* Improve customer service with security and convenience.
* Risk-free and hassle free locker service
* Zero-cost